As an investment advisor, you have a responsibility to find the best investments for your clients. With this important responsibility, you need a research partner that you can trust.

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Non-listed investments can provide good investment alternatives for registered investment advisors; however, non-listed investments, such as non-listed REITs and non-listed BDCs, are complex investment strategies that have significant inherent risk to go along with the strong return potential. Advisors need a thorough understanding of the risks and return potential of non-listed investments to make the best investment decisions for their clients and set proper return expectations.

A subscription to Summit provides you with insightful market reports (indexed returns, comparative performance, and total fee burden analysis), analytical product reports (key performance metrics, investment & financing risk benchmarking, and detail fee analysis), as well as access to commerical real estate experts to answer your questions about non-listed investments.

Summit Investment Research provides an annual on-line subscription service specifically designed for financial advisors. Our research covers 64 non-listed REITs, 17 non-listed BDCs, 10 real estate interval funds, 10 credit closed-end funds, and 3 non-listed preferred equity offerings.




In addition, Summit Investment Research can provide custom investment research and investment due diligence services to support your investment research efforts. Contact us at  to subscriber or get more information about our services.





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