After eight years of cap rate compression, non-listed REIT cap rates increased to 6.55% in 2017. Cap rate spreads, the key indicator of non-listed REIT performance, remained below 3.0% for the second straight year. With lower leveraged yields, non-listed REITs may take on more investment and financing risks to increase yields. As an investor, you need to understand these risks and expected performance to make informed investment decisions on behalf of your clients.


Summit Investment Research is the industry leader in the research and analysis of non-listed REITs (both lifecycle and perpetual life REITs). As of 4Q17, Summit’s research covered 64 non-listed REITs, and Summit closely monitors new registrations, as well as trends in fee structures, investment strategies, and market performance to keep advisors up to date on key market trends.


Summit’s non-listed REIT analysis provides in-depth insights into the non-listed REIT’s performance, investment risk, and financing risk. Our reports also benchmark the non-listed REIT’s performance against its peer non-listed REITs to understand comparative performance and risk.


Perpetual life non-listed REITs continue to experience growth in fundraising and will soon represent the majority of non-listed REIT fundraising. Summit has its Perpetual Life Non-Listed REIT Report that summarizes fundraising, returns, investments, financing, performance metrics, and total fee burdens for all perpetual life non-listed REITs.



Our 4Q17 non-listed REIT reports are now available. 



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